Simple and seamless. The intuitive order and payment flow makes transactions effortless with Streamplate.
Staff management
Streamplate is where conversations happen, timesheets are submitted and where your staff can clock-in and out.
Targeted Discounts
Reach new customers by showing them menu-items that they're interested in.
Streamplate works on any iPhone or iPad

Create public events for your cafe, restaurant or community-group. Appear in front of users that otherwise wouldn't have seen your menu.

Ps. Sign-up as a service provider on Streamplate for Limited Release and receive $100 worth of credits for Targeted Discounts. Then receive $10 worth of credits for every user that signs-up with your referral code.

No monthly or long-term contracts

Free to sign-up and automated menu-uploading

Free 24/7 support

Streamplate uses sophisticated banking technologies. To provide maximum security, Streamplate uses Stripe as its payment gateway so you can use cashless payments knowing you're in safe hands. We only ask for bank-details once you've set-up your account meaning you're always in control.

Invisible integration is enginereed into Streamplate. Simply download our iOS app and effortlessly connect to your printers. Begin serving customers from an iPhone or iPad in seconds.

Simple, transparent pricing.
Always know what you'll pay.

We only charge 5% of each transaction that's sent from a customer's device. There's no charge for using our point-of-sale system, managing reservations and staff-management. And there's no lock-in contracts.

Our Targeted Discount system allows you to focus discounts onto customer's that wouldn't otherwise see your menu. By setting up a fixed daily budget, Streamplate is able to show targeted discounts in front of users. As you only pay when a user orders a discount, you're only paying for results.

Streamplate is at the University of Sydney, The Two Wolves Cantina and markets across Sydney

Sign up in 3 steps

Receive $100 worth of Targeted Discount credits by signing-up for our Limited Release launch on the 11th March
1. Your contact details
With your name, email and venue's name - you're already done.
2. We connect your staff
With the emails you provide, Streamplate then connects to your staff.
3. We upload your menu
Streamplate finds your menu online which you can then adjust in the app.