The most sophisticated food-ordering app ever. Recommendations. Ingredient filters. Venue-management.

All free.
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Streamplate allows you to order from your table or in advance
Order from tables.
Or in advance.
Or in groups.
Automatically filters
venues. And menus.
And extras.
Streamplate automatically filters venues and menus.
Streamplate allows you to book a table in just three clicks.

Your most sophisticated food ordering app. Streamplate is engineered for hyper statistical analysis to recommend venues and menus that match your social and environmental context. Streamplate serves your choices.

Create events.
Invite friends to brunch. A BBQ lunch. Dinner at your's.

...Or discover them.

True Dietary Control
Control your diet with daily nutritional caps for fat, sugar, carbohydrates and protein. Streamplate intelligently filters menus to show items only within your health goals.

Advanced Ingredient Calibration
Streamplate automatically replaces ingredients as menu-items are filtered. Select alternative ingredients to adjust menus to your taste.

Secure Allergy-Detection
With machine learning and biochemistry datasets, Streamplate finds chemical-compounds that are unlisted allergens in menus.

Jump to the front of queues for a year. Exclusive to Limited Release.

Advanced venue-management.
Point of sales. Customer-relations. Staff-management. All in one.
Clock in, take orders, respond to messages, learn insights and change menus only with Streamplate. Stand apart with your new level of service. Learn more about being a Streamplate partners here.
Targeted Discounts.
Attention. Aimed at you.

Introduce new customers to your menu. Get in front of users with a personalised discount that's most suited to their tastes when they're hungry. Streamplate determines the relevance of your discount for that user and then an assigned-amount of your daily-budget is used to further improve your exposure. Only pay when a user orders the targeted discount.

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Choose menu-items to offer customised discounts. Set a fixed daily budget. Select a maximum discount as a percentage available for each item.


Colourfully Intelligent

Auto-complete typing. Filter by automatically categorised items. On your iPhone. On your iPad. Always on.

Free to download. No added costs.

And for the merchants
Just commission